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Virtual Analog Resynthesis

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Create soaring leads, glistening pads and heavy bass lines. Soft clipped wave-shaping sculpts your signal into sawtooth, square and sub-octave waveforms for classic analog synthesizer tones. Unlike conventional wave-shapers, LX20's intermodulation-free voice can sculpt every note in a polyphonic signal.


The analog modeled filter's warm resonance and 2-4 pole cutoff slope covers everything from classic filter sweeps to punchy bass lines. Fully polyphonic with individual filters and AD envelopes for each note.


Expressive and natural vibrato with Attack, Depth and Rate modulation. Depth is relative to pitch for consistent modulation across each note.

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Labris DSP was founded with the intention of making innovative DSP for musicians.

Plugins like the LX20 prioritize real-time performance and musical inspiration. From fast and native UI interaction to novel and expressive signal processing.